Gmail Guide for Beginners – 3 Videos

Gmail is browser based. Thus, users need to know how the browser of their choice works in regards to tabs and windows.

Logging In

Google –

  • Login ID is email address —

USD 115 on Google —

  • Login ID is userID – first initial and last name

Mail Hints

Read Message

  • Click on message author or subject.
  • Unread messages are in bold. Messages you’ve already read are in normal type.


Reply All / Forward / Print

Delete / Archive

When you’re positive you won’t need a message, use the Delete button to send it to Trash. Deleted messages and conversations are permanently removed from Gmail 30 days after you send them to Trash. Deleting unimportant mail is a great way to free up some of your storage, but with Gmail’s free storage, you can probably keep those messages, too! If it’s possible that you’ll need a message or conversation in the future, we recommend using the Archive feature.

Archived mail moves out of your inbox and in to All Mail — you won’t be bothered with extra messages cluttering your inbox, but you’ll still be able to find a message if you need it six years from now!

New Message

Click on Compose Mail

TO — ?

Names will not automatically appear as you type them until AFTER you have sent one message to that person. You can SEARCH for them.

  • Click on TO
  • Type in first part of name
  • Select contact and click DONE

Composing Message

  • Enter subject (very important to people receiving TONS of email)
  • Click on paperclip to attach file
  • Enter content
  • Click Send (or Save Now when interrupted)


  • Look for GEAR icon in upper right corner

  • Click on GEAR to pull down the menu options

General Mail Settings

  • Language
  • Signature
  • Auto Advance
  • Conversation View


  • Auto Advance
  • Default Reply to All

Priority Inbox

Filtering Mail (helps configure Priority Inbox)

  • Select messages to mark as important or unimportant

  • Click Next Step

  • Select the filter you want to apply

Account Settings

  • Docs — Language
  • Calendar — Time Zone


  • Appear at the bottom of a message.

  • If  one clicks VIEW, the file is opened in Google Documents.
  • To print, save or download, simply pull down the File menu and select the desired option.





  • Click on Documents in upper left corner



  • Click on Calendar in upper left corner


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