Starting Afresh / Being Bold

This week Nemaha Central High School and the Mighty Thunder started a new era. Nemaha Valley and B&B Baileyville have come together on this new adventure. Not only are we merging student bodies and staff but we are making major changes in our technology.

The faculty was the first to participate in these changes when over three-fourths of them were switched from the Windows platform to MacBooks in late May. Many of them spent the summer not only figuring out how to get around on this new platform but how to implement tech tools into their curriculum. This was very evident during our professional development time on Tuesday morning as staff members talked about these new tools and how they plan to implement them in their classrooms.

In addition to all of the above, several staff members want to implement Google Classroom and are waiting for it to be rolled out to our domain. There is also a lot of curiosity about how the new student ePlanner will work (which also hasn’t been rolled out).

nchs rollout_On Thursday, the students joined the staff on the technology transition train when each student was given a MacBook Air. During a 30 minute ‘roll out’ session on Thursday, we had the students verify they could login to their computers, to their Google account and to their PowerSchool account. We also reviewed the new Thunder Bridge page and resources available to the students thru that site. On Friday, we had another session where we added programs to the Dock, installed Google Chrome and configured Google Drive. We also reviewed the major points of the laptop handbook, emphasizing the need to take care of the computer and to use it appropriately. There were some ‘hiccups’ along the way including a major one this weekend. However, the students have been great to work with.

This has been a challenging, tiring week for everyone but it has also been a very exciting week. It is a joy to work with a staff that is so willing to explore and try new things. I look forward to working with and learning from the Nemaha Central students and staff as we venture forth into this new school year and learn together.

Together, We Can