Simple Task Not So Simple

What started as simply creating a new business card to take to ISTE proved to be not so simple. I started the process in Microsoft Publisher on my home desktop. Finding a template I liked, I was able to modify it to fit our new colors (purple and electric blue) and add our new school logo. Perfect, now to just print — but, oh so not perfect. Microsoft Publisher’s template had different settings for the spacing of the cards — even though it said they were the same size as the purchased cards.

Attempt two was a total failure. I tried to use Microsoft Word on my Windows desktop. Since Word doesn’t play nice with moving images around, I quickly gave up on this attempt.

Attempt three was on my MAC laptop with Microsoft Word. Same issues with images so abandoned this attempt.

Attempt four was on my MAC laptop with Pages. I found a template I liked and was able to modify it to create a simple card. Printing proved more challenging. Of course, one of the ink cartridges was low. After replacing the cartridge and aligning the cartridges, I finally got a legible business card. However, I had to give up the school logo and other design elements that I liked in the Publisher template.

Unwilling to make-do with what I had, I switched to Adobe software. I finally settled in Adobe Illustrator which allowed me create an image of the correct size that included the design elements. After playing around in Illustrator a bit, I finally had something that looked nice on screen. I exported my design as a jpeg image. Switching back to Pages, I replaced my simple text box with the jpeg of my Illustrator design. Everything looked good until I printed — then it was fuzzy. So back to Illustrator I go and export the file as a tiff file. Same results in Pages, everything looks fine on screen but fuzzy when printed. Then it dawned on me that I had clicked past an option to increase the dpi (dots per inch) when creating the image files. Once I saved it at the higher resolution, everything worked. (Note: getting purple to look like purple on screen and in print is also a challenge. The color is a dark purple when printed.)

marcia businesscard

Now, for my husband’s cards. Since he was the one that pushed me to not give up on the design aspects, his cards are similar. However, he thought of an additional item that enhances his cards — the district motto.

Mike businesscard2Ready for @iste14


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