Maker Movement Comes to NV

It has finally arrived. After reading about the ‘Maker Movement’ in other libraries for the past year, I’ve finally found the right ‘tool’.

legoUnlike many libraries using the large Lego blocks to inspire creative play, Nemaha Valley needed something smaller. I was going to use regular sized Legos until I saw Magformers. These magnetic shapes caught my attention because they would not only contribute to creative play but would support the math standards.

makermovement1This toy starts the day on a table top. Since they lie flat on a table, they do not prevent students from using the table for study and/or research. Even though they’ve only been out for 3 days, the students have discovered them. At the end of each day, I’ve found them on a different table and in a different arrangement.

makermovement2Now if only Santa would bring more Magformers to the NV Library!


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