Going Places with QR


Driving Directions to Jeff West











The above link is to the same QR code pictured here. This code is a link to the driving directions to Jefferson West High School.

If you use the Barcode Scanner app on a phone, this image will prompt you to open the Internet or Maps.

If the Internet is selected, it displays Google Maps for Jefferson West High School

If Maps is selected, it displays the driving directions to Jeff West.

To create this QR code:

  • Copy URL for desired web site
  • Use Kaywa to generate the code by pasting the URL in the box, selecting the size and clicking on Generate.
  • Click on the PERMALINK button to obtain the URL for the code
  • The QR code can be saved as a JPEG file and embedded into a website or printed in a publication
  • Be sure to test the QR code to make sure it works as desired







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