Catching Up

My tech skills are severely lacking when it comes to mobile technology! Hopefully, I’m going to be able to catch up. As a new droid user, I’m just beginning to figure out which apps I want to use. While on vacation in Texas, I found the following apps to be useful – especially while sitting in the airport wondering when/if our plane would arrive.

For fun, I downloaded the following apps

The c:geo app allowed me to use my phone as a gps and go geocaching with my brother and family. My phone worked almost as well as their portable GPS’s. I didn’t actually use the Google night sky because the trees and/or clouds hid most of the stars.

I had tried to find an app to locate restaurants, etc. However, my nephew (in law) pointed me to a better app: Yelp

Today, I added two apps to my knowledge base:

  • Microsoft Tag Reader
  • Key Ring Reward Cards – entered my library card, reward cards and professional org membership #s – VERY USEFUL

I’m sure these apps are just the tip of the iceberg as I learn how to use this new technology. It’s a fascinating new world.


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