At the Click of a Button

It’s magic! I click a button to bookmark a web site and ‘magic’ happens!

Although it appears that I spend time on Facebook, Twitter, Delicious and Diigo posting links to web sites, it is all happening from Firefox with the click of a button. When I find a site of interest, I make sure I’m in Firefox and just click my Diigo toolbar icon and select Bookmark This. After adding tags (suggested and ones I make up), I just make sure the option to post to Twitter is checked and click OK.

Then the magic begins. The click of the button causes the bookmark to be posted to my Diigo account and to Twitter. From there, it goes to my Delicious account. From Delicious it goes to Raider Tags, a WordPress blog, where my new bookmarks are posted daily. My delicious tags are also posted as a box on my Facebook page.

Since my Twitter feed is connected to my Facebook account, anything I post on Twitter is automatically shared on Facebook. Thus, my Diigo bookmark gets shared on Facebook via Twitter.

Now, I just need to add some more magic and connect my Goodreads account to my blog.


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