23 Things Kansas – Reflection

For the past semester, I’ve been participating in the 23 Things Kansas project. This was an effort by the library community to learn more about Web 2.0 tools and how they could be utilized in a library setting. So, what have I learned?

  1. How great a staff we have at the Kansas State Library and at NEKLS
  2. How eager Kansas librarians are to learn
  3. How willing Kansas librarians are to share
  4. I don’t want my delicious bookmarks dumping into this blog. They need to dump into a separate blog.
  5. How to use Diigo for bookmarking and deliver it to Delicious, Twitter and Facebook all at the same time.
  6. Most Kansas librarians seem to prefer Shelfari (or Good Reads) over Library Thing
  7. How to use Outlook as an RSS reader
  8. How to get (some) RSS feeds into Facebook (Mashable, Teen Reads, WikiHow)
  9. More people to follow on Twitter
  10. I’m not good at group projects when I don’t know the participants
  11. How to share powerpoints (or probably a reminder of the site that can be used)
  12. To write down user IDs and passwords AND to use the same email when registering for sites
  13. I really like sites that pull everything together in one spot vs having multiple screens open
  14. I’ve read all those books (or at least Shelfari says I have) and I haven’t figured out how to change that
  15. I wish that Tri-Conference still existed – school and public librarians need to be able to collaborate
  16. I really like participating in Webinars – but don’t like to talk
  17. I don’t really like making screencasts – I don’t want to record my voice
  18. I need to make screencasts
  19. How to post video from a classroom presentation on YouTube (splitting it, converting it)
  20. I need to take more pictures
  21. Pictures / video are everything
  22. I need to complete online profiles and post a profile picture
  23. I enjoyed this ‘class’ and need to find time for library projects and activities

2 thoughts on “23 Things Kansas – Reflection

  1. #17 same here. but then I thought …….. ‘no one will know it’s me’. So, up posts the screencast of how to access your account. No one knows it is my voice. I hope. Except the 1st time, I used my home computer. On my bookmark bar, I see (after I make the screencast); Noah, Isabella, Roberta, Dave. busted, my shortcuts would give me away! by the way, nice blog!


  2. Marcia,
    I’ve enjoyed following your blog and the classroom video you took about the Arthurian family tree was great – we want to record more of our NEKLS training – want to consult??

    Good luck and here’s hoping you get a FLIP for all of your hard work.



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