RSS Feeds – 23 Things Kansas

About a year ago, I discovered feed readers and have settled on Google Reader. I find it easier to keep up with blogs (which I don’t do very well) by using a feed reader. I settled on Google Reader because it allows me to easily browse the content even when I only open the reader . Since not all blogs are able to directly add the feed to Google, I’ve learned how to use Internet Explorer to save the feed. I then export the feeds from IE and import them into Google.

At the start of the  2009-2010 school year, my reading list was primarily technology related or church related blogs. However, I’ve been adding library blogs and am looking for good blogs about young adult literature – particularly for boys.

  • Alan November Weblog
  • Classroom 2.0 Blog
  • Cog Dog Blog
  • Common Craft
  • Dangerously Irrelevant
  • Digital Passports
  • Ed-Tech Insider
  • Ed Tech Talk
  • eTalk
  • Guys Lit Wire
  • Hip Librarian’s Book Blog
  • KASL
  • Learning Now
  • Mashable
  • Microsoft at Home
  • Microsoft at Work
  • Official Google Blog
  • SLJ Blogs (variety of them)
  • Tales of a Technology Omnivore
  • TechCrunch
  • The Fischbowl
  • The Story Siren
  • U Tech Tips
  • Web Slice Gallery

Although I like Google Reader, I would prefer something that pushes the content to sites that I already have open, like Outlook or Facebook. I prefer having the link and description pushed to Facebook but it is blocked during the school day.


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