Evolving Facebook

As one who has had a Facebook account for several years, it is just in the past year that I’ve personally become somewhat active on the site. As I’ve become more active on Facebook and other web 2.0 sites, I’ve witnessed the tearing down of walls that separate various aspects of my life. Five years ago, I was very concerned about separating my personal activities (primarily genealogy and church) from my school related activities. I’ve had separate email accounts, blogs and web sites. However, I’ve found that I can’t keep up with all of these separate accounts — especially if I tried to have separate “personalities” on Facebook and Twitter.

As I’ve become more active on these sites, I’ve found them to be great tools for communication.





One thought on “Evolving Facebook

  1. Thanks for more great resources. Going to definitely take a look at those and will probably add them to my social media presentation resources. So glad you’re a part of the 23 things Kansas community!


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