Everything’s Changin’

This summer has seen MAJOR change in the schools’ computing environment. The desktop, email, and gradebook will all look different. Instead of the Novell application launcher, users will have a normal Windows desktop and Programs list. Instead of looking for the globe icon for Groupwise, faculty will be using Outlook while students will be provided Google accounts. Instead of using eGrade and K12 Planet, everyone will be using PowerSchool.
The change from WinSchool to PowerSchool resulted from the loss of technical support for WinSchool. The changes to the network infrastructure were implanted to hopefully achieve the following:
•    Replace aging servers
•    Reduce total number of servers
•    Improve ability for Macintosh computers to interact with network
•    Reduce annual costs
•    Reduce login times
•    Provide computing experience similar to home
Even though a lot has been accomplished toward this transition, there is still much to do. Since we are all in the same boat – learning new software – I would like to thank you in advance for your patience during the next few weeks as school starts and we begin to test the system.


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