NetDay Results

Eighty one NVHS students participated in NetDay SpeakUp. None of the participants considered themself below average in terms of their technical skills while 22 considered themself an advanced tech user. Below is a brief summary of the student opinions.

Which of these statements about technology are true for you? [multiple responses allowed] (top 7 responses)

  • It helps me complete my schoolwork more efficiently (58)
  • It helps me find the most accurate and up-to-date information (56)
  • I learn new things on my own using technology (54)
  • It helps me understand concepts and learn skills (52)
  • It helps me get better grades (50)
  • It helps my parents keep up with my progress at school (46)
  • It helps me learn skills I need for future jobs (46)

Rank the following skills in how important they are for your future. [Note: the number of responses indicates the 1st choice.]

  • Knowing how to use technology (15)
  • Knowing how to think critically (12)
  • Communicating with others (10)
  • Being creative and “thinking outside the box” (8)
  • Knowing how to be a good, responsible worker (6)
  • Knowing how to solve problems (6)
  • Understanding about money and how business works (5)
  • Learning new things on my own (5)
  • Working in teams and collaborating with others (3)
  • Awareness fo global issues (3)

What should your school do so that you can get a good job in the future? [multiple responses allowed]

  • Make sure I learn technology skills (54)
  • Teach me skills I need for future jobs (52)
  • Teach me how to work well with others (46)
  • Make sure I have experience thinking creatively (44)
  • Make sure I learn all the main school subjects (42)
  • Teach me how to communicate well (40)

Which of these communication tools do you use every day? [multiple responses allowed] (top 4 responses)

  • Cell phone (58)
  • IM (52)
  • Email (44)
  • MySpace or other social networking site (41)

In your free time: How do you use technology? [multiple responses allowed] (top 7 responses)

  • Listen to or download music (67)
  • Talk or email with friends or family (66)
  • Play games (55)
  • Find out about news, sports, weather (50)
  • Get information about events, activities or hobbies (47)
  • Update my personal webpage, like MySpace (46)
  • Use graphics, design, photo, video editing, or music software (41)

If you were designing a new school today for students just like you, which of these would be part of your ideal school? [multiple responses allowed]

  • Time everyday for students to work independently on the computer (51)
  • Interactive white boards (smartboards) in every classroom (48)
  • Wireless laptops for every student to use at school (47)
  • Email, IM and blogs used by teachers, students and parents to communicate (46)
  • Wireless laptops for every student that can be taken home (45)
  • Digital cameras, video equipment and a film studio (43)
  • Time everyday for students to work on projects in groups (42)
  • Option to take classes online (39)
  • Cell phones, mp3 players and handheld devices used for schoolwork (39)
  • Online textbooks (37)

How do you find out about new websites and technology and how to use them? [multiple responses allowed] (top 4 answers)

  • My friends (60)
  • I explore on my own (51)
  • Teachers or classes in school (46)
  • Television, radio, magazines, newspapers (41)

Which of these Internet tools do you use on a weekly basis? [multiple responses allowed] (top 7 responses)

  • Email (68)
  • Instant messenger (60)
  • Search engine or research site (57)
  • Specific Internet websites you already have bookmarked (54)
  • Personal networking website like MySpace or Xanga (45)
  • Online game sites (45)
  • Podcasts or iTunes (40)

At school, how do you use technology? [multiple responses allowed] (top 6 responses)

  • Online research (78)
  • Check on assignments or grades online (70)
  • Create slide shows, movies or web pages for an assignment (57)
  • Learn basic computer skills (keyboarding, word processing, etc.) (55)
  • Email or instant message classmates about assignments (35)
  • Practice for tests or take tests online (30)

What are the main obstacles you face in using technology at your school? [multiple answers allowed]

  • School filters or firewalls (46)
  • Computers don’t always work (38)
  • Computers are not always available or convenient to use (35)
  • Rules against using my cell phone, email or IM (34)
  • Internet and computers aren’t fast enough to download videos and other media (29)
  • Teachers control when we use the computers (28)
  • Not enough time in school day (22)
  • Assignments don’t encourage technology use (14)
  • It’s hard for students who don’t have computers or Internet at home (12)
  • No obstacles (7)
  • Other obstacles (4)
  • Teachers don’t know how to use technology (3)
  • Software is old or not good enough (2)
  • Not enough computers (11)

If you were the principal at your school, what is the ONE thing you would change about how technology is used at your school today?

  • Provide a laptop to each student that they can take home (23)
  • Less restrictive firewalls and filters (12)
  • Allow students to use cell phones and email at school (12)
  • Let students take classes online (8)
  • Purchase more or better computers, software, and equipment (e.g. printers, scanners or digital cameras) (6)
  • have faster Internet and wireless access (5)
  • Make sure computers work all of the time (5)
  • Give each student a USB memory stick (2)
  • Teach teachers how to use technology (1)
  • Encourage teachers to use IM to communicate with students (0)

Of the 81 students responding, 42 were male and 39 were female. Twenty-one seniors, twenty-three juniors, eight sophomores and twenty-nine freshman participated in the survey. A large number of these students are currently enrolled in a technology related class.

The complete results can be found on the SpeakUp site. The name of the school is Nemaha Valley.


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