Primary Sources — SIRS Decades

SIRS Decades is now available on a trial basis for Nemaha Valley patrons. The strength of this resource is its digital images — including digital images of actual letters, memos and other documents created during the 20th century.

Locating information within SIRS Decade:

  1. Searchable by decade
    • Ex: Enter the search term ‘fashion’ and change the decade to the 1970s
  2. Searchable by type of document
    • Ex: Enter the search term ‘Kennedy’ and select only letters, documents and speeches
    • Results include a digital image of the notes from a meeting regarding US support of dissident South Vietnamese generals in 1963
  3. Click on a decade for a description of the decade and a list of major topics of that decade
    • Follow links within the description to minor topics

Since this resource is available on a trial basis, it will not be available after Nov. 4th.


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