Tryout the voice over IP service called SKYPE on your computer. This service provides free telephone style communication with anyone else who is using Skype.

Requirements for Skype Download free software at

  • Contact other teachers in building during day — especially seminar — regarding students
  • Have a microphone and speakers connected to computer (headsets with mics are available for under $20)
  • Establish an account

Drawback — utilizes some of the computing power of your computer to support system.

Potential uses:

  1. Contact other teachers in our building during day — especially seminar — regarding students
  2. Establish links with other classrooms throughout the world
    • Foreign language students communicating with native speakers
    • Geography, history students studying same topic as another classroom on opposite side of an issue

To make contacts with other teachers, you can establish an account at Once your account is established, you may search for classes in particular areas that want to connect for a similar project.

Other items:

  1. If you don’t want to be disturbed during class you can make yourself unavailable (File – Change Online status – Not available)
  2. You may establish a chat session instead of a verbal session.
  3. All chats are archived. Skype keeps an archive of chats. Thus, they have the capability of catching those who break laws via their chat service. Students in particular would need to be warned that what they are saying in chat over Skype could be used against them in the future.

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